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Become an Informed Seller

Home selling has become a more complex business than it used to be. Expert advice can help you plan for a successful sale of your home.

Your Historical City Guide to Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is one of the most fascinating cities in America. Filled with history, it’s a place where cowboys and cowgirls can play by day and where a couple can enjoy a night on the town.

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Working With a Realtor®: What It's Really Like

The transactional process of buying and selling homes is what usually comes to mind when the word Realtor® is mentioned, but the Realtors® of GFWAR do so much more. In fact, Realtors® pride themselves on going above and beyond to assist you in buying or selling a home and will be your personal, inside guide to the real estate business.Here are five incredible benefits to working with a Realtor®.

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10 Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Buying a home is a big decision—no matter if it’s your first, fifth or tenth time. As you’re probably aware, there’s a lot to consider (which is probably why you’ve hired a Realtor®—well done, you). As you visit potential properties, here are ten questions we recommend asking while onsite.

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The Selling Process

There are a number of reasons people sell a home. As families grow and change, you may need more square footage or less. You might be relocating due to a job, or to be closer to family. No matter the reason, educate yourself on the process, and you’ll be equipped to have a successful sale of your home.

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9 Reasons You Should Work With a Realtor®

Have you ever wondered what sets a licensed Realtor® apart from other real estate professionals? We're here to help with 9 reasons why you should use a Realtor® in your next home transaction.

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