9 Reasons You Should Work With a Realtor®

Have you ever wondered what sets a licensed Realtor® apart from other real estate professionals? We're here to help with 9 reasons why you should use a Realtor® in your next home transaction.

1.     They Know How to Accurately Price a Home

While anyone can spend a few minutes online and pull information on sales of comparable houses, Realtors® also have the experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or underpriced based on the current market conditions, the desirability of the neighborhood, and the quality of the renovations (or lack thereof). Market conditions change month by month and season by season, and your Realtor® will be well-versed in these fluctuations. In what is typically the largest purchase anyone will make in their lifetime, their expertise on paying a fair price is invaluable.

2.     They Can Supercharge Your Search Abilities

Though most homes for sale are widely available for buyers to access on Web sites, in some cases, sellers don't want the fact that they're selling to be widely publicized. In those situations, only agents know the houses are for sale. Working with a Realtor® who has access to the local Multiple Listing Service gives you access to homes you might otherwise miss seeing or that are not listed yet, but might be coming soon. They can also set up detailed searches that automatically send you new listings the moment they become available.

3.     They’re Master Negotiators

As level-headed as you think you are, it's easy to lose your cool during the stressful negotiations of a home buying or selling experience. Having a Realtor® at your side to handle sticky situations, write requests objectively, and serve as an experienced go-between saves you the trouble of getting overly emotional about the transaction. If the house is in somewhat good condition, requests for repairs can sometimes make or break a deal. A Realtor® can help you sort through the inspection report and will have a good sense of what's reasonable to request in the negotiations, and what's excessive.

4.     They Can Refer You to Tried and Tested Service Providers

Realtors® can refer you to their network of top-quality lenders, lawyers, inspectors, and repair people to make sure you get the best result in every stage of your deal. You can also search the list of GFWAR Member Affiliates (LINK) to find service providers in the area.

5.     They Know What Sells

Since they spend their days walking homebuyers through houses, Realtors® know what’s likely to catch someone’s eye or turn them off from a property completely. If you’re selling, they can evaluate your home and help you get the maximum value by suggesting improvements and pointing out changes you should make to attract buyers. Your Realtor® can see flaws you’re oblivious to because you see them every day—or because you simply don’t view them as flaws. They can also help you determine which feedback from potential buyers you should act on after you put your home on the market to improve its chances of selling.

6.     They’ll Help You Navigate the Paperwork Mountain

The odds of missing something, not initialing a margin or not checking a box, can drop substantially when you're working with someone who knows the paperwork inside and out. In addition, a lot of legal paperwork is involved in a home sale, and it needs to be completed correctly by an expert. Unless you’re a real estate attorney, your Realtor® will know more about contracts and disclosure laws than you do, which isn’t just convenient - it might protect you from legal trouble down the road. A seller can be held liable for fraud, negligence, or breach of contract if they do not complete a seller’s disclosure properly. And if you’re a buyer, your Realtor® will help you juggle disclosures you’ll want to request, like documentation on mold, lead paint, radon, and average utility bills.

7.     They Can Provide Guidance on the Ins and Outs of City Codes and Laws

If you want to add a bedroom, build a garage, or have an accessory dwelling unit, a Realtor® can show you how to make sure you're buying a property where the city allows it. Your plans to turn the front room of that charming house near a business district into a retail store front for your side hustle will be greatly impacted if city code will not allow it. A Realtor® can provide resources on local zoning ordinances to make sure you don't buy a house that doesn’t fit your long-term plans.

8.     They Can Get the Word Out

The key to selling a home successfully is often the marketing. Great photos and a well-worded listing is an important first step, but beyond listing on the MLS, Realtors® have relationships with clients, other agents, or a real estate agency that they can reach out to directly to bring the largest pool of potential qualified buyers to your home.

9.     They’re Bound by an Ethical Code and are Trained to Go Above and Beyond

Members of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) abide by a code of ethics. That code essentially stipulates that Realtors® deal with all parties of a transaction honestly. They are obligated to put the clients' interests ahead of their own, required to make full disclosure about the problems with a property, and be truthful in advertising. Inaddition to the hundreds of classroom hours required to hold a real estate license, Realtors® take advantage of continuing educational opportunities to stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments so they can serve their clients.