Working With a Realtor®: What It's Really Like

The transactional process of buying and selling homes is what usually comes to mind when the word Realtor® is mentioned, but the Realtors® of GFWAR do so much more. In fact, Realtors® pride themselves on going above and beyond to assist you in buying or selling a home and will be your personal, inside guide to the real estate business.Here are five incredible benefits to working with a Realtor®.

Here are five incredible benefits to working with a Realtor®.

1. You get an expert guide.

Truly, your Realtor® is there to serve you — they are the right person to hire because they have an incredible amount of insight, experience, and expertise to offer. From explaining how to get pre-approved to breaking down open houses to all the steps of a highly-detailed buying process, a Realtor® will untangle the technicalities and legalities so you understand them. There are no silly, small, or "dumb questions" when you're working with your Realtor®.

A Realtor® also knows the latest in real estate trends and what's currently available on the market. They know the ins and outs of neighborhoods, resale values, school districts, and other fun facts about the area where you’re looking or trying to buy. Realtors® are actively keeping up with the local area’s trends — median prices, active listings, average days on market, and more.

Plus, the nature of real estate means that Realtors® are incredibly adept at the multi-faceted nature of their job. They are often fielding phone calls and text messages at odd times and working outside typical business hours. They are their own marketer and sometimes juggle any number of open houses and closings within the same week. Because their success is dependent on a deal, an agent's time is precious. You can rest assured they will use their dynamic array of skills to work hard for you.

2. You have a source for objective information and opinions.

The process of buying or selling a property is often full of emotions. When it comes to the most complex and consequential transaction most people will ever make, how could it not? One of the strongest reasons to use a Realtor® is because they are a treasure trove of information — and they will use it all to help you make the best decision possible.

Whether you are the buyer or seller, they can help you establish criteria for making your major money decision. For home buyers, Realtors® pull from their experience to answer questions about potential properties honestly. If at any point you’re unsure about a home, your Realtor® will be there to offer their best advice.

They are not emotionally tied to the potential new home in question or the money required to purchase it — their only responsibility is to help you find the right property and understand any potential risks with your ultimate choice.

3. You have access to their wealth of resources.

Sellers and buyers can greatly benefit from hiring a Realtor®.

While some buyers and sellers choose to go through the process alone, real estate professionals have access to incredible resources that give their clients major advantages. Here are just a few examples of what a Realtor® can offer beyond their incredible knowledge of the real estate market.

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

MLSs are independent, local marketplaces used by real estate professionals to help their clients buy and sell property. Through the MLS, your Realtor® has access to trusted, verified information on the homes for sale in your search area.

Relationships With Many Agents

Most Realtors® have cultivated a number of relationships in the real estate world. For instance, they may personally know the listing agent of the home you are eyeing. When you arrive at an open house, there's a good chance they've already met the agent who is representing the sellers. Their relationships and understanding of how other agents operate will always be a benefit to you, whether you are the buyer or seller in the scenario.

4. You have someone in your corner during negotiations.

These days, the average real estate transaction is not for the faint of heart. Truly, one of the best parts of working with a Realtor® is having an advocate during negotiations. As the seller's agent, a Realtor® will help you sort through offers to find the best and most qualified buyers. As the buyer's agent, a Realtor® will guide clients through every facet of the home buying process to ultimately purchase at a fair price that gets you the most value for your dollar.

In the end, a Realtor® is there to broker a deal that satisfies your interests.

Listing agents work for the seller — they will represent your interests as you sell your home.

5. You can expect total professionalism and integrity.

The average real estate professional is highly motivated to serve their clients, because they ultimately only succeed when their clients succeed. As a result, Realtors® are self-starters who are highly adept at juggling multiple clients and multiple listings at once.

To guide this work, Realtors® keep to a professional standard and strict code of ethics known as the Realtor® Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and serving the best interests of their client while also treating all parties honestly. Professionals in the real estate industry oversee large, time consuming sales and purchases on your behalf — and they do it with the utmost care and honesty.

6. Realtors® are Paid Once a Transaction is Complete

A Realtor® works until the final signature is signed, ensuring their client is well cared for.

An agent's success is tied to yours. Typically, the broker representing the home seller will compensate the broker representing the home buyer for finding a willing and able buyer for the home. Often times this means the buyer does not pay their Realtor® for their services, resulting in more available funds for them to use toward the purchase of the home.

The compensation is structured this way so that you as the buyer have access to the expertise you need in the homebuying process, without it impacting how much home you’re able to afford. As for sellers, those who use a Realtor® will sell their home for 30 percent more on average than homes sold by owner.

You lose nothing when hiring a Realtor®, but gain a treasure trove of industry knowledge, good communication, and professionalism. A Realtor® is paid when the deal is done, so they will work their very hardest to deliver a transaction that makes both the buyer and seller happy.

Realtors® Have Your Best Interests in Mind ... Always

As part of the National Association of Realtors®, GFWAR exists to serve the real estate community and protect Texas property owners — it's work we've been devoted to since 1918. Our Realtors® are here to support you as you make important real estate decisions. Let us be your guide and share all we know about the process of buying and selling.

To find a Realtor® you'd like to work with, search here on our website or contact our team at 817-336-5165.