Moving to Fort Worth - Your Guide to the Essentials

Are you getting ready to or have just moved to Fort Worth? Here is your guide to all of the essentials to get your house set up in Cowtown!

So you are thinking about or have just moved to Fort Worth, TX. First of all, welcome! Often ranked at the top of the best places to live list, Fort Worth offers residents a balance of nightlife and city living with easy access to natural amenities.

One topic that many new homeowners or prospective home buyers ask our REALTOR® members about when they move to town involves setting up the basic local utilities. People are sometimes left feeling unsettled until all of these loose ends are tied, and the Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS® (GFWAR) is here to help. Below find our guide to all of the essential information and tips for making your house a home in Fort Worth.

Get the Hook Up

Utilities are the essential services that help your home run. Think electricity, gas, water and sewage services. Without these services, your home would not be able to function. We’ve gathered the essential utilities and helpful extras for your Fort Worth home.  


The City of Fort Worth will be your go-to for all your hydration needs. To set up your water account, visit the Water Department’s Opening, Closing and Transferring Accounts page. Here you’ll have step-by-step directions on how to open an account. You can also visit their customer service location at 908 Monroe Street, Fort Worth, TX  76102. Expect a $20 activation fee to be included in your first bill. Be prepared for your set up by having the following information ready:  

  • name, phone number, social security number and driver’s license number of the person responsible for the account;
  • name of the present property owner (if that isn’t you); and
  • if available, the name of the previous owner or tenant.

The City has developed an easy-to-use app that helps residents monitor their water usage, pay their bills and receive alerts. Download it for Apple or Android phones.

Power to the People

Powering your home is essential, but when you have countless electric companies vying for your business, it can be hard to decide who to go with. Here are some things you should think about when considering different electric companies:

  • Will a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan suit your household needs?
  • Is the cost per kilowatt hour conducive to your budget?
  • Are there any additional fees or costs being associated with the plans you’re considering? How long will your contract be with the provider, and what will you pay if you have to break it?
  • Does the company you’re considering have a reputation of treating their customers well? How do they handle crisis weather situations?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has created a website, Power to Choose, to protect customers and provide unbiased information about electric companies and their rates. This site is also a helpful resource for information on renewable energy as it continues to rise in popularity. Use it as a jumping off point for your research on renewable energy and compatible electric companies.

Got Gas?

One of the only times that question doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Selecting a gas service in Texas is a little easier for homeowners. Right now, the sole provider for gas services to residential homes is Atmos Energy. Founded in 1983, Atmos is the largest natural gas distributor in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. To set up your services, you can visit their Start Service page.  

Atmos also provides homeowners with plenty of helpful resources to identify any potential gas leaks and other safety tips. Learn more on their Safety page. If you ever think there is a gas leak, be sure to call 911 and Atmos at 866.322.8667.  

Getting Connected

Similar to electric companies, there is an abundance of telecommunications companies to select from. The Pubic Utility Commission of Texas has compiled a database that lists providers in your area, so you know all of the players in the game. If you’re stuck on the fence when trying to pick a telecommunications company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they prioritize customer service?
  • Are they offering any specials? If so, are the promised rates only for a limited time and what will they increase to after that time period?
  • What type of contract terms are involved with the deal?
  • Does their service have a reputation of reliability, quick responsiveness and conflict resolution?

Moving can be stressful, so we hope that this handy guide to Fort Worth utility services takes a little off of your plate. If you have additional questions, your REALTOR® can be a great resource as you get settled in your new home.