GFWAR States Position on Short-Term Rentals

The City of Fort Worth is considering an update to the regulations regarding short-term rentals. The Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors recently sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council expressing their position on this issue.

As proponents of private property rights, GFWAR believes owners have the right to live in, rent, and sell their properties at will. These property rights also include the ability for property owners to gain income from their property, the right to rent property on a long and short-term basis, and the right to occupy their property without undue disturbance.

GFWAR is asking for City Council to prioritize the following policies pertaining to short-term rentals in the City of Fort Worth:

  • Allow the use of property for short-term rentals in residential zoning areas by right.
  • Allow the City to continue to collect the Hotel Occupancy Tax on short-term rentals.
  • Limit short-term rental regulations to address health, safety, and noise mitigation.

Short-term rentals allow residents to earn additional revenue on their properties, which can offset the rising costs of homeownership through taxation and other inflationary items. They also offer unique housing for traveling workers, remote workers, those who may be transitioning homes, and those who choose Fort Worth as their vacation destination. Having the option of these rentals available improves our ability to provide housing to both non-residents and visitors alike.

GFWAR is supportive of continued efforts of code enforcement throughout the city to address issues impacting all property owners. However, overregulation of short-term rentals would encumber code compliance resources and place a disproportionate burden on property owners who choose to share their homes on a short-term basis.  

Some residents have concerns regarding potential code enforcement issues relating to short-term rentals, however GFWAR believes these issues are no different than those with currently owner-occupied or rental properties. The best solution is to address these issues regardless of property type, to make sure that all neighborhoods receive the same level of service and improvements in the quality of housing in their area.

GFWAR believes Fort Worth is the best place to live, work and own property, and our advocacy efforts will continue to work to that end. Stay tuned to news from the City of Fort Worth on further developments regarding their short-term rental policy.

Please contact Maribel Gallardo, GFWAR Director of Advocacy and Community Affairs, if you have any questions on this issue.

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