Tax Strategies for REALTORS

Give Yourself A Raise...Don't Miss out on your New 2020 Deductions -Tax-Reduction Strategies for the Real Estate Professional

Time: Thursday, 3/26/2019 (9:30 am-11:00 am)

Location: GFWAR Main - 2650 Parkview Dr. (76102) - Auditorium

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*  Learn what's new with your 2020 Tax deductions!

*   LEARN why your accountant can’t "just take" the New Tax Deductions for you.

*  HOW to navigate the NEW 20% 199A DEDUCTION designed for Self-Employed Professionals and worth up to $63,000!

*  WHY you may want to buy a new or pre-owned car sooner than you think…the great 2020 “makeover” of the CAR DEDUCTION rules you will want to take advantage of!

*  LEARN how to safely qualify your home office for big tax deductions, even if you spend most of your office time at a branch office.

*  THE New…and Improved… food and beverage deductions for real estate professionals that you probably don’t know about.

After this seminar, you’ll have what you need to bring to your tax accountant, so you qualify for thousands of dollars more in deductions.

Speaker: Thomas Rich with Bradford and Company

**Bradford and Company is a non-biased educational firm.  This is not a tax-prep class.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

9:30 am
11:00 am
GFWAR Auditorium
2650 Parkview Drive Fort Worth, TX 76102
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