Get the Listing, Make the Sale

Get the Listing, Make the Sale


Provider Name: Texas Association of REALTORS®

Provider Number: 0001

Course Number: 38774

Credit: 3 non-legal hours

The most successful real estate presentations are researched, structured, and focused on the other party, the Client. As an agent creates and delivers a better presentation the client gains confidence, makes better decisions and builds a relationship that benefits all parties. This workshop teaches agents both the generic structure of the best client centered presentations and the application of that structure to the presentations specific to residential real estate transactions. The course will train the license holder to develop preparation and communication skills for making listing presentations that create a climate of trust and build better client relationships. Provide client centered presentation techniques and how to apply them to specific real estate transactions. License holder will gain knowledge of property pricing, price adjustments and how to implement strategies that will close more sales.

Instructor: Tina Wilcher

Thursday, April 16, 2020

1:00 pm
4:00 pm
GFWAR Committee Room
2650 Parkview Drive Fort Worth, TX 76102
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